A Watchman’s Call

My Call

The videos below are just a sentence in the book that is the unfolding of the times.

I've been sharing this information with everyone I know because the situation is dire, especially for those who are unprepared. To prepare for what is ahead, I've bought gold, emergency food (Costco has great options), as well as water purification and testing systems; quite literally putting my money right where my mouth is (not in the banks!!).

At the time of writing, our food supply chains and financial systems are both collapsing (and/or experiencing a controlled demolition), just like the 3rd seal of Revelation 6. Also like Revelation 6, wars (2nd seal) precede and occur during this crisis. Once these crises fully take hold of the world during the 4th seal, many will die (i.e., the depopulation agenda: vaccines, calculated meltdown of western society) from disease (COVID-19 was the trial run of this), famine, and wars.

Later on in the tribulation, in Revelation 13, the antichrist implements the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast system, where no one can participate in the antichrist empire’s economy without it (including international trading partners?), shares remarkable parallels to the potential consequences of a global elite abusing their power over a fin-tech monetary system in a cashless global economy (I'm looking at you FedNow/eCNY).

Just to be clear, I don't believe we're in the tribulation of Revelation (i.e, the seals are not actively being opened right now). God is simply preparing the world for when Jesus does eventually open them.

On the other hand, I do believe that we're about to enter into the tribulation of Revelation (i.e., today we’re experiencing birth pains as Jesus describes in the Olivet Discourse). So, as a disciple of Jesus, I issue you my watchman's call: He is coming back SOON. If you truly turn to Jesus then he will truly save you.

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